A New Start

The avenue to exploring the possibility of becoming a Catholic is to undertake a short journey called RCIA.

RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It is a process that assists people who desire to be fully initiated members of the Catholic Church. The process, often times referred to as a journey, is designed to meet people where they are at in their faith life, and bring them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

The RCIA journey climaxes at the Easter Vigil, where those on the journey are brought into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Along the road of the RCIA journey, those participating are introduced to the Catholic faith through teaching, scripture study, prayer and worship. Participants also build relationships with people in the faith community.

RCIAWhat is involved?

RCIA is a journey taken with members of a Catholic parish towards the time at which those seeking entry and the community decide they are ready to take on full membership of the community. This ‘journeying period’ is one of exploring; if the person feels that it is not the right time or place for them, there is no obligation for them to continue.  They meet  regularly with the small group, one of two people chosen by them and two or three chosen by the Parish Team.Together they share their understanding of what it means to follow Christ as a Catholic. This is a spiritual journey for all involved. The program is flexible to meet the need and ‘place’ of those who are engaged in the journey. Prayer, Scripture and the beliefs of Catholic Church are explored together.

If you are interested in finding out more about the RCIA program contact Fr Paddy Mugavin on  5571 1161.