A Multicultural Mass recently welcomed members of the local Indian community to St Mary’s Parish, who have settled well in Hamilton and into their respective professions and lifestyles.  Fr Peter Jose  travelled from Melbourne to join with Fr Patrick Mugavin in concelebrating the special service.

Parishioners experienced Mass by way of the Indian culture as they ministered through music, prayer and stories.   They willingly participated in the Sunday service readings and parishioners were treated to a number of hymns regularly played at an Indian Mass.

Following the service a large St Mary’s community extended a further welcome with a shared morning tea where many were keen to try and enjoyed the variety of Indian food that had been prepared.

It is planned to offer further Multicultural Masses in the future, focussing on inclusiveness for all parishioners from diverse cultural backgrounds.  It is a wonderful opportunity for them to share with us their music, lifestyle and traditions.